This section provides material that will help in the understanding of the content and intent of this web site. 


The first, and most important section of RESOURCES, is the current edition of GLOSSARY.  GLOSSARY is also found in PART THIRTEEN of TRILO-G.  GLOSSARY defines key words and phrases in the work of E M Risse and of SYNERGY.

As articulated in the Introduction to TRILO-G – PART EIGHT – FIRST STEPS ON THE ROAD TO SUSTAINABILITY, a robust Vocabulary is fundamental to understanding human settlement patterns.  The words and phrases that articulate the New Urban Region Conceptual Framework is found in PART THIRTEEN – GLOSSARY.  The work included in CURRENT PERSPECTIVES will, over time, expand this Vocabulary.  From time to time, a supplement to GLOSSARY will be added to this section of RESOURCES and when appropriate, a revised version of GLOSSARY may be published.


First Objective:  Articulate, illustrate and provide access to resources concerning functional and dysfunctional human settlement patterns.  Human settlement patterns are the result of human action on, above and below the surface of the planet.  Critical information includes: 

• Vocabulary and Conceptual Frameworks necessary to create citizen understanding of human settlement patterns,

• Comprehensive exploration of the economic, social and physical impacts of human settlement patterns,

• Anatomy of functional and sustainable patterns and densities of land use, 

• Drivers of settlement pattern dysfunction,

• Strategies, tactics and tools citizens can use to evolve functional patterns and densities of land use, and

• Fundamental Transformations required to establish functional and sustainable human habitation on the planet. 

As documented in The Shape of the Future and in TRILO-G, functional and sustainable human settlement patterns are a necessary condition for maintaining happy and safe citizens in a viable modern civilization.  Economic prosperity, social stability and environmental sustainability are dependent upon functional human settlement patterns and are a condition precedent to achieving Balanced Communities and sustainable Regions. 

Second Objective: Generate a Critical Mass of citizens committed to evolving functional human settlement patterns and a sustainable trajectory for civilization. 

Broad-based citizen support is critical if there are to be Fundamental Transformations in:

• Settlement patterns,
• Governance structures, and
• Economic systems

Support for these Transformations must emerge soon because the resources necessary to implement Fundamental Transformations are being squandered.  Irreplaceable Natural Capital is being consumed at an ever accelerating rate to support Business-As-Usual and Mass OverConsumption by a few at the top of the Ziggurat that is contemporary society. 

Citizens must take action to reverse the downward spiral of consumption and waste and promote Fundamental Transformations while there is still time.  For an overview of this imperative see the movie "Home" at

Citizens can contribute to ‘making the world a better place’ by connecting with those they know and respect.  That is especially important for those who live and work in ones Dooryard, Cluster and Neighborhood.  Readers may provide input via the Current Perspectives [Link] Page as well as via a message on the Contact [link] Page.

For definitions of Capitalized terms, see GLOSSARY .


SYNERGY, including SYNERGY/Planning, SYNERGY/Photography and SYNERGY/Resources and its predecessor Organizations have provided services with the goal of helping clients prosper in New Urban Regions and creating Complete and Balanced COmmunities since 1965.



This section provides links to the complete text of key resources found in TRILO-G:

  • Bacon’s Rebellion Backgrounders found in Chapter 47 (pdf)
  • Bacon’s Rebellion Columns in Chapter 46 (pdf)
  • Selected Bacon’s Rebellion Blog Dialogues in Chapter 48 (pdf)
  • Key Resources cited in TRILO-G found in Chapter 49 (pdf)
  • Other Resources contained in Chapter 50 (pdf) 


NB: These ADDITIONAL RESOURCES, along with material in CURRENT PERSPECTIVES and in Chapter 50 of TRILO-G are NOT referenced in the text in the remaining chapters of TRILO-G because they were created AFTER TRILO-G - Beta 2 was last edited.  They may reflect further evolution of the Vocabulary used to articulate the New Urban Region Conceptual Framework found in GLOSSARY.


For definitions of words that may appear to be 'irregular Capitalization' in Resources see GLOSSARY in RESOURCES. also see TRILO-G Chapter 26 – Gibberish: The Vocabulary of Babel and "New Urban Region Conceptual Framework" in Chapter 49 of TRILO-G.

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