Bio / CV

Spanning 45 years, E M Risse’s career has focused on helping his clients, employers and citizens secure economic prosperity, social stability and environmental sustainability.  These goals are achieved through the evolution of Balanced Communities in sustainable New Urban Regions.

This section provides four biographic profiles of E M Risse.  Each profile serves a different function.  Because these profiles reflect four transects through the same career, there is intentional overlap.

  • Biographic Sketch, a resource for crafting and introduction - click here
  • Biographic Summary of data on past activities in a format suitable for a handout - click here
  • Career Perspective profiling the evolution of E M Risse’s career - click here

For definitions of words that may appear to be 'irregular Capitalization' in Bio/CV see GLOSSARY in RESOURCES. also see TRILO-G Chapter 26 – Gibberish: The Vocabulary of Babel and "New Urban Region Conceptual Framework" in Chapter 49 of TRILO-G.

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