"To enter into the realm of The Shape of the Future and TRILO-G is to immerse yourself in fresh perspectives on perplexing problems for which traditional disciplines offer few solutions. To emerge from that realm is to never view the world the same."
– James A. Bacon – Former Publisher and Editor of Virginia Business, publisher of Bacon’s
and author of Boomergeddon. (2010)
"The Shape of the Future is written not only for scholars and professionals, but for all people who are interested in understanding why many maladies of contemporary civilization are rooted in dysfunctional settlement patterns and how these can be changed."
– I. Michael Heyman – Chancellor, University of California, Berkeley 1980-1990 and
              Secretary, Smithsonian Institution, 1993 – 1999


Over the last 20 years, E M Risse, SYNERGY/Planning, Inc. and  SYNERGY have prepared and published two books that articulate a unified field theory of human settlement patterns.  A full description of each book can be found in the LINER NOTES.



The Shape of the Future 

Risse, E M. The Shape of the Future:  (Vol I) The Critical, Overarching Impact of Human Settlement Pattern on Citizens' Economic, Social and Environmental Well-Being and (Vol II) Prospering in 21st Century New Urban Regions.  4th Printing, Warrenton, VA: SYNERGY/Resources, 2000.  ISBN - 0-9678108-0-9  - click here for LINER NOTES (pdf)


Risse, E M. TRILO-G, FOUNDATIONS, BRIDGES, ACTION: How to Make the World a Better Place One Alpha Community at a Time. Beta 2, Warrenton, VA: SYNERGY/Resources, 2010.  ISBN - 978-0-9678108-1-2 - click here for LINER NOTES (pdf)

These two books are available at and Regional locations. 

The materials in GALLERY, CURRENT PERSPECTIVES and RESOURCES amplify and illustrate the theses, principles, laws, axioms, strategies and tactics in The Shape of the Future and TRILO-G.   TRILO-G also includes selected content published between 1984 and 2010. 


For definitions of words that may appear to be 'irregular Capitalization' in Publications descriptions see GLOSSARY in RESOURCES. also see TRILO-G Chapter 26 – Gibberish: The Vocabulary of Babel and "New Urban Region Conceptual Framework" in Chapter 49 of TRILO-G.

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